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Central Services location
Electrical appliances, cables & toys certification labs location
Polymers and rubber testing laboratory location


ELOT Administration

Administrative Board President:

Nikolaos . Stathopoulos

Chief Executive Officer :
Ioannis Ch. Matsas

Executive Member:
D. Lentzas

Administrative Board Members:
D. Dede, (Shareholder Representative),

Th. Symeonidis, (Shareholder Representative),
K. Papadimitriou, (Shareholder Representative),
Al.Priftis, (Shareholder Representative),
A. Tsogas, (ELOT's Staff Union),
N.Korres, (ELOT's Staff Union)

R. Pantelopoulou

Contact Information

313 Acharnon Str.
111 45, Athens, GREECE
phone: (+30) 210 2120100
fax: (+30) 210 228 3034
You may also request information on ELOT by sending e-mail to