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Our laboratory has eight years experience in testing the safety of toys according to the European Standards EN 71. We work on the 88/378/EEC directive, adopted in Greece since 1990 and we are the one and only laboratory notified (Nr. 365) to the Commission of EU, bearing in mind that we are in permanent collaboration with authorities and inspection bodies of the ministry of industry and customs.
Please note that our laboratory carries out tests according to European as well as other Standards i.e. ASTM.
Furthermore please note the procedure that is followed, when submitting a testing order

a) Submit one sample of each different model (code numbers) to the
ELOT Toys Laboratory.
12-14 Kolonou str.
Athens 104 37
Tel: +301 524 7117
Fax: +301 524 1371
Duly fill in our test request form ( name, address of the client, nature of requested tests, samples description)
b) This form, completed by us with the cost calculation, should be submitted to the
ELOT secretariat,
313 Acharnon str.
Athens 111 45
tel: +30 1 212 0100
Fax: +30 1 228 3034
c) The cost of the tests hould be either paid to ELOT's Accounting Department (Acharnon 313, Athens) or to the following Bank Account: ELOT account Nr:612168-BANK OF GREECE.
Calculation of the cost of the tests: a) It is evaluated after the receipt of the samples.
b) Actually the cost for mechanical properties and flammability tests depending on the category of the toy, varies between 23.000-69.000drs.
i.e.small toys with detachable components 25.000 drs.
soft toys 31.000 drs.
Toys propelled by the child 69.000 drs
Please note that toys can be grouped if there are more models of similar design, in order to reduce the cost.
c) The cost of chemical analysis (EN 71.3) is 25.000 drs for each different material for all eight toxic elements. Each materiel in a series of toys is retained and charged once.
d) The above estimation of the cost has to be increased by 18% TVA.
Delay : Three weeks after the receipt of payment.