International Technical Committee 46 / Subcommittee 2

Conversion of Written Languages

This is the Official WWW Home Page of ISO/TC46/SC2, the International Technical Committee responsible for the elaboration of International Standards for conversion of Written Languages. Its secretariat is held by ELOT, the National Standards Body of Greece.

Scope and purpose of ISO/TC46/SC2

Members of the Committee

The Berlin meeting of TC46/SC2 (May 8-12, 2000) NEW!

The Paris meeting of TC46/SC2 (May 19-20, 1999)

The Athens meeting of TC46/SC2 (May 11-14, 1998)

The London meeting of TC46/SC2 (May 12-14, 1997)

The TC46/SC2 electronic mailing list

TC46/SC2 Announcements (Updated 2000-02-23)

TC46/SC2 on-line documents (Committee members only)

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