CEN Workshop 36 - Evaluation of thin multi-layer Reflective Insulation Products by in situ testing

The overall objective of the Workshop is to reach consensus on an in situ test protocol that fully assesses the thermal reflective characteristics of thin multi-layer reflective insulating products. For the purposes of the Workshop and the resulting CWA the thin multi-layer reflective insulating products to be considered shall have a minimum of five layers (as decided at the kick-off meeting).

The individual objectives of the Workshop are to reach consensus on:

         a set of requirements for an enclosed structure representing a building envelope which will be subject to periods of testing under normal climatic conditions by outdoor exposure;

         a set of conditions under which the structure will be operated, in order to measure the thermal performance of the building envelope;

         a set of conditions for the installation of insulation products inside the envelope structure;

         a set of conditions for the measurement of the energy used during the test periods;

         a set of conditions for the analysis of the results of parallel and identical test structures fitted with differing insulation products;

         a set of principles for the reporting of the results.


Workshop status

The kick-off meeting of this CEN workshop took place on 17 October 2007 in Brussels.

The first plenary meeting took place on 29-30 November 2007 in Brussels.

The second plenary meeting took place on 18-19 February 2008 in Brussels.

The third plenary meeting took place on 26-27 June 2008 in Brussels.

The fourth plenary meeting will take place on 24 - 25 November 2008 in Brussels .

Approved Business Plan

Should you wish to participate in this CEN Workshop, please contact the Secretariat of the Workshop.

The fee for participating is 1000 , VAT not included (21 %)

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